Symphony X GSB Soccer Club partnership that goes beyond the field: 2023 review

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March 10th, 2024

Our ongoing sponsorship of the Stanford GSB Soccer Club has extended into 2023, marking another year of successful partnership. 

Symphony’s bond with the club runs deep. For years, we've been supplying their teams jerseys, attending their games whenever possible, and closely following their personal and professional journeys. 

The origin story: from player to patron

Our connection with the GSB Soccer Team began in 2011 when our Co-Founder and President, Muamer Cisija, first stepped onto the field during his early days of studying. Right from the start, he felt the camaraderie and spirit of the team. 

As Muamer’s studies progressed, his role evolved from player to coach, eventually becoming a part of the team's leadership. Even today, he stands by the team's side, sending his cheers and support from afar when circumstances keep him at a distance.

Reflecting on his time with the GSB Soccer Club, Muamer shared:

“Stanford gave me valuable knowledge and skills, but on top of that it gave me some of the best experiences of my life. These times and tournaments we play represent some of my fondest memories. I gained friends for life at GSB, both on and off the field.”

GSB Soccer’s triumphs and records in the past year

2023 was a great year for the GSB Soccer Club. They outperformed 2022 results, had a record-breaking 70 regular players, and achieved major successes at two of the biggest events: Austin National Cup and UCLA Tournament.

GSB teams reached the Austin National Cup undefeated from the groups phase, and dominated the UCLA tournament securing 2nd and 3rd place. They were the only school at the tournament with three teams and around 45 players  - all of which advanced to the playoffs.  

Kudos to the entire team for outstanding achievements; and for always showing dedication and true spirit of sportsmanship! 


Symphony x Stanford connection: Our collaboration off the field

Our deep ties with Stanford go beyond our GSB Soccer Club involvement. We worked with over 30 founders and continue to do so, with many of them remaining our partners to this day. 

Our shared ventures with Stanford-based startups have secured over $6.5B in funding, leading to the acquisition of many startups by industry leaders. In addition, we provided necessary tech support to build and launch GSBuilds, an open-source platform that helps GSB founders to connect and collaborate.  

One example we are proud of is an 8-year-long partnership with d.light, founded by two GSB grads. With the help of our solution, d.light is bringing affordable solar energy to low-income families, positively affecting 170+ million lives. You can hear more about our partnership from Eugenio Rodríguez, Platform Operation Manager at d.light. 


Continued support

Reflecting on our relationship with the GSB Soccer Club, our partnership goes beyond sponsorship. It highlights our commitment to talent development, community building, and enduring connections. 

From providing team jerseys to our presence at their games, we are dedicated not just to the sport but to the individuals who bring it to life. These players, much like the entrepreneurs we collaborate with, embody the resilience, teamwork, and leadership that resonate with Symphony's core values.

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