Symphony partners with financial and insurance companies

To design and develop custom digital products

Custom digital products usually aim to establish new revenue streams and increase revenue or automate processes, thus decreasing operational costs. In the ever-changing financial and insurance sector, Symphony ideates, builds, and scales transformative solutions. Furthermore, our expertise extends to partnering with clients from other industries to integrate financial solutions into internal and customer-facing digital products.

What we offer

Empowering tomorrow's financial landscape

At Symphony, we recognize the crucial need for innovation in the financial and insurance sectors. In collaboration with our clients, we have developed deep expertise in modernizing legacy platforms and systems, as well as launching and expanding new products and revenue streams. This includes integrating cutting-edge technologies such as GenAI, blockchain, and AI/ML into digital products (specific examples below).


Our impact in the finance and insurance sector






Years of industry experience



Products built



End users of our solutions

Worked with major banks in the US, Europe, and Asia
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Our experience with financial and insurance companies



  • Core banking software
  • Mobile banking applications
  • Loan management systems
  • Fraud detection solutions
  • Risk management and compliance

Financial Services

  • Process automation
  • Order management systems
  • AI/ML-based data analytics
  • Secure payments and data privacy


  • Solutions for life insurance and InsurTech
  • Claims management software
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Front-end & cloud-enabled solutions
  • Underwriting software
  • Robotic process automation
  • Data management and transformation


  • Payments and billing solutions
  • Regulatory technology (RegTech)
  • Wealth management systems
  • Capital Markets solutions
  • Deep tech for financial services

Quick overview of some of our results in financial services & insurance



Supported 300K customer users on the first day with a mobile banking application

For a European commercial bank, replaced outdated, monolithic e-banking system with modern microservice architecture and advanced mobile solutions resulting in an 8% increase in customer satisfaction within 30 days

5 months

Delivered an MVP in under 5 months

For a US commercial bank, generated a new revenue stream by creating a talent hub for startup hiring needs, with hiring serving as a readiness indicator for loans


Shortened the loan approval process by 70%

For a retail chain, automated processes by creating a mini cash loan system and financing solution to replace a non-scalable legacy tool, which approves or rejects loan applications and defines purchase credit limit


Built a 3rd party integration allowing customer loans up to $100K

For a reseller of used electric vehicles, built a new product - an EV-focused web portal assisting consumers in purchasing used EVs and a 3rd party integration enabling customers to purchase EVs via loans

Financial Services


Improved employee efficiency by 30% with an internal banking dashboard system

For a European commercial bank, automated processes with a reporting solution for managers and administrators, switching from Excel sheets to an internal dashboard offering scorecards and management tools


Built an inventory and payment platform scaling it to 1M paying customers

For a global solar energy provider, automated processes with a platform to manage PAYG solar power for developing countries, including management of mobile payment transactions

9 weeks

Accelerated roadmap and delivered mobile app in 9 weeks

For a payments infrastructure provider, accelerated the roadmap, built internal capabilities, and sped up processes by developing a checkout solution, integrating EBT payments into existing checkout flows, and offering distinct input fields



450% sales increase year-over-year

For a high-tech life insurance company, generated a new revenue stream by expanding the platform and offering its infrastructure as a service to other companies by working on all core parts of the system

5 months

Built an application in 5 months

For a leader in the InsurTech industry, generated a new revenue stream by developing a web application for insuring smart gadgets against theft, damage, and loss, pioneering the insurance of crypto wallet devices

2K experts

Improved processes for 2K experts in 35+ locations globally

For a global expert services and advisory firm, automated processes by developing a web application serving as an HR tool, holding employee data, their skill sets, and benefits

50+ plans

Integrated 50+ insurance plans with the digital platform

For a world-class nutritional coaching provider, built a custom digital platform that improved dietitians' ability to coach patients and integrated a third-party system for insurance verification


3 months

Delivered an MVP in under 3 months

For a wallet-as-a-service provider, built an order-ahead mobile app that enables users to place orders in quick-service restaurants and pay with a merchant-branded balance


Covered 95% of the market with financial platform solution integrations

For 140K US private practice providers, built an AI Co-pilot automating the reconciliation process between expected and realized payments, enabling a breakdown of bank balances and average daily transactions

4 integr.

4 system integrations with external systems

For a bookkeeping services provider, built a platform that provides automatic transaction imports, bank reconciliations, and real-time updates to enhance bookkeeping services and save time for company owners


Increased investment intelligence platform performance by 70%

For a financial services company, conducted legacy modernization by developing and executing a high-level software revamp strategy, coaching the client's in-house team, and enabling tracking of stock and equity insights in real-time

6 leaders

Built an asset management platform for a joint venture between 6 global leaders

For a joint venture, built a reporting solution enabling real-time tracking of clients' assets' performance, redefining asset management infrastructure, and improving the efficiency of middle and back-office functions

We create a culture of partnership

Words from our partners

The future of impactful technology work will be driven by dedicated, distributed teams. You don't need a big in-house team to do great work, but you do need a deep partnership you can count on.

About Symphony

Over 650+ full-time employees
Built 200+ products
Working with 8 of Fortune’s Most Admired Brands of 2022
Working with 2 of the 3 largest tech companies
3 years without an unplanned client disengagement
< 10% attrition rate

Symphony partners with financial and insurance firms to unlock value and deliver innovation

Opportunity identification
2-4 weeks
  • Design Thinking workshops and technical concepts
  • Quantitive and qualitative analyses
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Ideation and product strategy definition
Product discovery
2-4 weeks
  • Discovery sprint
  • Wireframes and product prototypes
  • Solution architecture design
  • Initial product roadmap & high-level system capabilities
  • User interface research and testing
  • Time and cost estimation
Development and delivery
3-4 months for first MVP
  • Custom product development
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • High-fidelity designs
  • Continuous product discovery, research and validation
  • Refactoring and migration
  • Quality assurance, usability testing and user feedback
  • Infrastructure setup and maintenance
Commercialization and growth
TBC based on complexity
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Product growth strategy
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Continuous validation

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Muamer Cisija

Muamer Cisija, ex-Morgan Stanley

Co-founder and President

at Symphony San Francisco

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Katharina Pfaffhauser, ex-McKinsey

Chief Business Officer

at Symphony Zurich

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Dan Lau, ex-BCG DV

VP, Head of Business Development

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