Symphony partners with brands in consumer products and retail sector

Utilizing technology solutions to streamline operations and achieve their goals

With our deep experience in retail and consumer products, spanning brand retail giants, as well as, mid-sized commerce businesses, we have the know-how to leverage technology and data to optimize your consumer experience and workflows. This allows us to help clients transform and gain competitive advantage, enabling them to lower operational costs, reinvent business models, and build customer-focused products.

What we offer

Leveraging technology and data effectively to empower consumer and retail innovation

Our technical expertise, coupled with the ability to understand consumer, workforce, and business needs, positions us to meet companies at various stages of their digital agenda execution. Symphony builds digital solutions that enhance customer experiences, facilitate data-driven decision-making, establish new marketplaces, leverage emerging technologies, and digitize retail operations.


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Worked with leading retail and consumer companies in the US and Europe
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How we partner with consumer and retail companies


Connected commerce

  • Omni channel retail experiences and DTC commerce platforms
  • Shopping cart and payment optimizations
  • Search, recommendation, and discovery
  • Data-informed personalization, loyalty, and membership
  • Content management
  • Digital asset and lifecycle management
  • Customized launch experiences

Digitizing in-store experience and companion apps

  • Campaign and launch brand extensions
  • Mobile self-check-out and PoS
  • In-store consumer shopping companions
  • Enhance in-store service experiences (Inventory validation and ship-to-home)
  • Size and fit solutions (Online and in-store)
  • Digital try-on and interactive displays

Advanced analytics and AI-informed operations

  • Transportation supply chain and logistics
  • Demand-informed inventory management
  • In-store traffic monitoring and merchandising optimization
  • Data and cloud strategies (Data lakes, LLMs, APIs, etc)
  • Chat-Bots for external and internal service

Product creation and innovation

  • Digitization of the design and product creation
  • Data-informed merchandising and line planning
  • Rapid prototyping and concept testing
  • IoT and connected product concepts
  • Exploring NFTs, blockchain, and AI
  • Wear testing and feedback solutions

Intelligent process automation

  • Reduced time to market
  • Back-office operations and analytics
  • Workflow automation
  • Digitizing supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics
  • Seamless integration with partner ecosystems

Quick overview of some of our results in the retail ecosystem

Connected commerce


Transformed the sales channels through digital applications with a 10% adoption rate in the first month

For a leading specialty agriculture chemicals distribution platform, improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales through a suite of digital apps with several hundred wholesalers registered


Elevated a medical herbs shopping platform with 3K+ dispensaries and brands

For a medical herbs retail tech company, enhanced an API telemetry solution that allows the detailed analysis of API usage by customers, endpoints, and authentication types and integrated programmatic cart management


Transformed a webshop into a B2C multi-vendor marketplace with more than 20K products

For a leading marketplace for pharmaceutical products, developed a new marketplace allowing over 30 third-party providers to sell products through the platform, securing growth and increased profit margins


Implemented GenAI to automate the Search and Discovery process, leading to 95% faster sentiment analysis

For a Blackstone-backed commerce platform specialized in researching, acquiring, and running high-potential brands, developed a solution automating sentiment analysis using Amazon Comprehend and ChatGPT 3.5, with the capability to integrate into third-party scrapers


Introduced headless architecture allowing the client to launch product lines, brands, and touchpoints in 5K+ stores

For a multinational clothing-retail group, enabled launches in a matter of weeks, allowing the client to customize them based on the target location, brand, or type of devices used to view content

Digitizing in-store experience and companion apps


Built a sizing platform dashboard app mapping 50+ individual body measurements

For the industry-leading AI body modeling technology provider for apparel brands and retailers, generating data-rich insights and body morphology analytics, forging powerful insights to impact the customer experience


Built an end-to-end online marketplace with 3rd party integration allowing loans up to $100K

For an electric vehicles reseller, created an EV-focused online retail and content solution that helps consumers buy used EVs, standardizing EV quality, with an enriched checkout process and solution where vehicles go through 150+ EV inspections


Built an order-ahead iOS app leading to over 50% higher customer retention

For a digital wallet infrastructure platform, enabled customers to pay and manage funds with the in-app balance, leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty


Built a QR-based web service for PWA orders and payment integrated into 250+ HoReCa locations

For a HoReCa solutions provider, built a customer web service, enhanced its in-store experience, and increased the restaurant staff time efficiency by 30%

Advanced analytics and AI-informed operations


Delivered ML-powered flight route optimization reducing costs by over 25%

For a leading US-based private aviation company, applied ML to flight route optimization, minimized aircraft downtime and optimized charter flight routes for a fleet of 100+ aircraft


Augmented sales planners with a flexible insights platform resulting in 10x faster sales reports

For a global retail giant, created a new analytics solution deployed as a web app that can be accessed from any device, resulting in 8K SKUs added annually and 600 new performance indicators added in the first year


Developed an on-demand API platform with a 500% increase in sales agents' efficiency

For an automotive retail specialized tech company, facilitated customer-to-dealer conversations by integrating an AI-powered conversation assistant that monitors communications, suggests responses, and benchmarks conversations

Product creation and innovation

≈ 75k

Built an IoT platform optimized for ≈ 75k devices

For a company specialized in developing coffee-making appliances and related accessories, built an IoT platform integrated with an e-commerce platform to enable account management with fast prototype development


Built a user-centric mobile app integrated with IoT devices for 90K customers

For a US hurricane protection company, built a mobile app focused on potential and returning customers, elevated user experience, enabled a referral program, and expanded the user network


Developed the first DAO app for a community of more than 4.5M fans

For a martial arts sports league, built an Ethereum blockchain platform, web and mobile apps with novel governance and utility token mechanism designed for sports fans to engage with the fighters


Created a tracking and distribution solution with mobile SDKs with 20+ BLE commands and accompanying apps

For a global sports apparel brand, developed a solution for research and data collection, athlete recruitment, analyst and study management, and inventory management


Developed a smartphone app and e-commerce website with a load speed improvement of 90%

For a personal fitness tracker interacting with a ring tracker device, created a mobile app and e-commerce website, increased customer base, and implemented customer segmentation by applying data science

Intelligent process automation


Built a solution to automate a collection of data leading to $950K in annual operational savings

For an e-commerce company, automated manual processes to ensure business process continuity by implementing a fully automated data exposure process through APIs


Developed a solution to automate the order management process leading to 80% of B2B orders without any manual touch

For an in-vehicle storage manufacturer, developed a B2B portal, an admin portal, and automated order management processes to help streamline processes and improve user experience, leading to an increase in company value


Utilized 3rd party data for product information to drive annual sales by over 100K units

For the largest US online auto retailer, developed a solution to pull information from different sources, an optical character recognition service to convert different types of documents from PDF into HTML, and custom services to bid in auctions


Digitized a legacy supply chain system decreasing human interaction time by 90%

For a multinational clothing company, revamped the entire sales analytics platform to solve an inefficient and slow tech solution that needed over 5 minutes to apply a data filter

We create a culture of partnership

Words from our partners

The future of impactful technology work will be driven by dedicated, distributed teams. You don't need a big in-house team to do great work, but you do need a deep partnership you can count on.

About Symphony

Over 650+ full-time employees
Built 200+ products
Working with 8 of Fortune’s Most Admired Brands of 2022
Working with 2 of the 3 largest tech companies
3 years without an unplanned client disengagement
< 10% attrition rate

Symphony partners with consumer and retail companies to unlock value and deliver innovation

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Opportunity identification
2-4 weeks
  • Design Thinking workshops and technical concepts
  • Quantitive and qualitative analyses
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Ideation and product strategy definition
Product discovery
2-4 weeks
  • Discovery sprint
  • Wireframes and product prototypes
  • Solution architecture design
  • Initial product roadmap & high-level system capabilities
  • User interface research and testing
  • Time and cost estimation
Development and delivery
3-4 months for first MVP
  • Custom product development
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • High-fidelity designs
  • Continuous product discovery, research and validation
  • Refactoring and migration
  • Quality assurance, usability testing and user feedback
  • Infrastructure setup and maintenance
Commercialization and growth
TBC based on complexity
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Product growth strategy
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Continuous validation

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